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teXet holds strong positions among the lead manufacturers of secure phones.

By the end of 2016, the share of the brand in this category was 67%.

Achievements in the product category of "Mobile phones" «Mobile phones»

According to GFK, teXet ranks 3rd for mobile phone sales in Russia.

Particular success is enjoyed by niche products — specialized phones for seniors, flip phones and IP67 and IP68 rating phones.


The year of projects
With its huge experience in the professional preparation of products, «Alkotel» company has released more than 30 exclusive models under the teXet brand for operators and retail chains in Russia.
The System of Care joint project focused on a «social support» service for seniors and the disabled deserves particular attention.
As part of a social project, the teXet engineers developed TM-B115 mobile phone with an integrated SOS push button. If there is a problem, any question or even a desire just to talk, the person under care pushes the button on the mobile device and immediately connects with the doctor operator of the 24-hour contact center who will provide emergency help, even if the person under care cannot answer or clearly describe their condition.


The main event is the 10th
anniversary of the teXet brand

Over this period, more than 15 million devices were sold, and the company's sales grew 22 time. teXet is one of the most recognizable domestic brands in the CIS.


As example of quality and reliability at an affordable price, the brand has earned recognition of users in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. In 2014, the company managed to expand the geography of the brand and started sales in Azerbaijan and Armenia.

According to the results of the anniversary year, teXet entered the top 5 suppliers of tablets in Russia (data from IDC international market research agency), and took the leading position in the product categories as follows: e-book readers (RF market share is 18%), МР3 players (27%), digital photo frames (51%).
Expansion to
the Customs Union
The successful strategic development allowed expanding the geography of the brand outside of Russia in 2013. In the spring, teXet took part in the 20th Anniversary International Specialized Exhibition "TIBO-2013" in Minsk with its subsequent dynamic entry into the market of Belarus.
In August, the company held a large-scale presentation of the brand in Almaty; in the fall, the first regular shipments to Kazakhstan were provided.
On the eve of the New Year, a bar of 3,000,000 devices in this product category is taken. teXet places the stake on functional players with trendy designs for those who get used to fill their everyday life with sounds of their favorite tunes. For the second consecutive year, teXet holds the first line in the sales rating with a market share of 24%. Every fourth player in the country is teXet! (data from GFK Group, FY 2012, FY 2013).
I want to know what happened before
25 years in the market!
The motto of the year 2012 was «25 years in the market!», — that is how much had passed since June 23, 1987, the date of the foundation of Inpress RPC (research and production company), the company that started today's business. Electronic Systems Alkotel company held numerous events for partners, clients and the media to celebrate the date.
As of year-end 2012, teXet was among the top three producers in the following product categories: e-book readers (RF market share is 20%), video event data recorders (14%), МР3 players (24%), digital photo frames (13%).


The year was marked by significant events in the development of the brand: the Moscow branch of the company started operations, a representative office of the company in the Czech Republic was established, three new teXet brand stores were opened in St. Petersburg, the teXet website was updated, and sales in the own online store were launched.


teXet is in the top 3
Continuous technical updates, growing competition and rapid change of the model range — in 2011, the company entered the top 3 of the Russian market for several categories: MP3 players, DECT phones, digital photo frames.

Following the market trends, the company opens a new line of products — «Car VEDRs» and holds strong positions in the market.

The GPS navigation developers team implements a number of solutions first introduced in Russia. teXet was the first brand that crossbred navigator and video event data recorder. In August, the TN-511DVR and TN-515DVR models were introduced as a «two-in-one» offering with the traditionally reasonable price-quality ratio.

The new line of teXet multimedia devices is launched: e-book readers. The first novelty of the line was TB-106 with a display based on the unique technology of "electronic ink" e-ink. The teXet brand enters the Russian market of reading devices and gains a 3% share after just 5 months of sales.

 «Granny phones» approaching!
The first GSM 900/1800 standard mobile phone developed by Electronic Systems Alkotel, Ltd. and released under the teXet brand. It's not just another mobile phone among many others, it's the beginning of «granny phones»!


The first anti-jam navigator
The GPS navigation developers team implements a number of solutions first introduced in Russia. teXet was the first brand that crossbred navigator and video event data recorder. In August, the TN-511DVR and TN-515DVR models were introduced as a «two-in-one» offering with the traditionally reasonable price-quality ratio.
The second year of the line of teXet digital photo frames is the fourth place in the market with a share of 8% (pcs.)
DECT Colombo by teXet is the winner of the world class design award Universal Design Award in Hannover. The Colombo was designed by Tej Chauhan, the former leader of the Nokia design studio, who now owns his own creative agency.


The 15-th anniversary
of «Alkotel» company
Bringing the Best Together is the brand motto turned into reality by the close-knit team of teXet professionals. While implementing new projects and ideas on a daily basis, our specialists strive for bringing maximum convenience for the users of teXet products
Anniversary with achievements: four new product categories (GPS navigators, PMR stations, digital photo frames, and wireless headsets), the Russia's largest sales of telephone equipment after the major international companies Siemens and Panasonic, the leading position in the market of media players on a par with Samsung.
The range of teXet products is expanding with a new line — digital photo frames. The first novelty, the teXet TF-108 is launched in August. This model features the maximum possible set of functions at affordable price. This principle will further determine the development of the product line.


Первая микросхема
In the development project, three companies participated: Electronic Systems Alkotel, Ltd. (teXet), DSP Group, Inc., a global provider of solutions for the telecommunications market, and the largest manufacturer of cordless telephones of DECT standard — SGW Electronics Ltd.


RETRO is back in style
Development of the RETRO collection of corded telephones replicating the ancient telephone sets made of porcelain and fine wood.


Launch of the new, the second line of the company — MP3 players
The model range of teXet players has a unique design and a full set of necessary user functions. teXet players feature is an improved dynamic range owing to high-end headphones and the most advanced audio processing technologies.
In 2005, the company completed the construction and reconstruction of its own manufacturing and storage facility of 8,500 sq. m. in St. Petersburg.
Assembling products in Russia at the own capacities has enabled the company to make teXet products affordable for a wide range of customers. In-depth research of designs and functional equipment of the models sets apart the company's products from most offers in the market.


Trademark registered
June 01, 2004, the "teXet" trademark was registered. The introduction of the new trademark to the market is supported by the best creative agencies of the country. A budget of $1 million was allocated to promote the new brand, and these investments contributed to a twofold increase in turnover during the year.
teXet is the largest supplier of telephones in Russia. The product range comprises more than 80 models for home and office use. The company specializes in the production of telephone equipment (DECT and corded telephones); it is gaining strong positions in the market of wireless solutions vigorously. The first DECT phone with color display, the ТХ-D7100 model, was released under the teXet brand. A network of authorized service centers (more than 120) has been opened in all regions of Russia, as also in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. The company produces more than 70,000 telephones a month.